Here are some guidelines to help as you prepare your items for the sale. Click here to see what is acceptable and not acceptable for the sale.

Supplies Needed

HANGERS – in order to protect your clothing items we only accept plastic hangers. Find plastic hangers at Wal-Mart, Target, Dollar Stores. Retail plastic hangers are acceptable too.

STRING TAGS – Avery White Marking Tags Strung (size 1.75 x 1.093 inches) are required on each item to affix our barcode labels to. You can find these at Wal-Mart, office supply stores, Rhea Lana Store (link) or large quantities may be purchased from Amazon.

You’ll also need re-sealable bags (for shoes, small toys, etc…), masking tape, scotch tape, sharpie, and safety pins. For large quantities of quality safety pins we recommend ordering from Cleaners Supply .

If you would like to print your barcodes at home you’ll need adhesive address labels size 1” X 2 5/8” (30 up). We recommend ordering from Amazon Here. Please note: all labels printed at home MUST be printed in color.


Not only can your barcode your items at home, we encourage it! It will greatly expedite your time spent at Consignor Check-In!
1. Print your barcodes at home. They must be printed on the appropriate labels and in COLOR.
2. Pick up your printed barcodes at one of our Early Barcode pick ups
3. Have your barcode labels mailed right to your door! A $4.95 postage fee will be deducted from your check. Complete this form to request barcodes mailed.


Infant clothing (sizes 0-9 mo.) - limited to 50 hanging items per gender. Again, the key here is to bundle! Infant clothing is in abundance at our event, consign your very best and price it competitively.

Maternity Clothing - limited to your 20 best and must be current styles

Juniors - strictly limited to the following brands: Abercrombie, American Eagle, Athleta, BKE, Free People, Guess, Hollister, Lucky Brand, Lululemon, Miss Me, Nike, North Face, Patagonia, Pink, True Religion, Under Armor and Vans

*Limits are in place to keep our quality high, your unsold items low and our shoppers happy. We appreciate your understanding.

If you have any questions we’ll be happy to help! Contact Amanda Birdsong at